Friday, July 9, 2010

American Values

It seems as though the lowly New York Knickerbockers (still a weird name after all these years) have been dissed again.  A former street urchin turned mega millionaire due to his ability to throw a basketball through a netted hoop better than other such talented players has decided to accept more mega millions by moving his movable feast down to Miami.
I am not one to diss talent as it is a wonderful thing to have.  Just look at the accomplishments of some talented people of the past, Einstein; Michaelangelo; Annie Sullivan (Helen Keller's teacher.)  These great men and women spent their lives to give mankind great gifts.  They moved our species forward and received very little in return for their efforts during their lifetime.
I believe Ms. Sullivan to be indicative of a serious problem in this country.  Good, really good teachers are not regarded as important even though they hold the key to our nation's future.
But I am a sports fan and I cannot deny that on some level I would have liked to have seen Lebron (a name as strange that would fit well with Knickerbockers) James playing the game in a Knicks uniform so I will wish him good luck with The Heat of Miami.
Hey Lebron - Break a leg!
In fact break both of them!!

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