Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stone's Soul Picnic

According to an article in Slate Magazine Oliver Stone made some stupid remarks and came off sounding antisemitic.  He may well be but the issue is larger than just one jackass.
Mr. Stone is one person and the fact that he is an idiot should not be held against him.  And we should thank him for baring his soul so that we may view his opinions in the light of day.
We cannot change the minds of every living human being to think the way each of us wishes since every living human being thinks differently to begin with!  I say potato - you say potato (it comes off better when spoken.)
There are many people who still think Hitler was okay and should have gone further.
Among that deluded anti-social group you will find for example Hutton and Mel Gibson.  And yet the younger of that Nazi loving duo is still making money in Hollywood, that Jewish hotbed of opinions and puppet master of the  media.
Another person who flits and floats between hate groups and is famous for his stand against 'anyone not him' is currently an MSNBC contributor?!? I generally don't even like to say his name but for the sake of this post it's Pat Buchanan.
I switch stations whenever he is brought into a discussion since it is a waste of time to listen to him spew his hate.  Hey MSNBC - We already know his position so move on.
There are people who seem to truly believe Obama is not an American citizen.  These people still believe themselves to be intelligent and dare I say it human so it's obvious they are delusional!
The bottom line is this is America and we cannot do anything legally to morons who espouse racism, more obvious since the President was sworn in and antisemitism, which never goes away but is on the rise again and a whole slew of other bias based beliefs unless they incite to riot and even then the punishment will not be for the underlying crime to society.
The best we can do is boycott films that these hate mongers have anything to do with.
I have not seen anything Gibson was involved with since he outed himself years ago and will now add Stone to my growing list of glowing idiots.  We can only hurt them in their wallets and allow them to slink away into their bomb shelters to await whatever disaster they feel is coming.

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