Monday, June 29, 2009

Collection for Ruth?

According to the Wall Street Journal Ruth Madoff is going to be forced to live on a total of only $2½M - that's $2,500,000 or two and a half million dollars. I just don't know how the bitch is going to do it!

The Journal went on with obvious tongue-in-cheek (I hope) to offer her ways to invest to make the money last through her golden years. They suggested that she turn in her Mercedes for a smaller version auto and move inland from her current winter home in Palm Beach to a more affordable Sunrise City. (And she'll be able to get rid of some of her expensive fur coats living down there in that climate.)

Personally I have a fund that she can invest her cash in that will make her retirement smooth and comfortable. The bitch could send the money to me and I will guarantee her a 15% or more return on her investment! Naturally I would hope that she dies before she collects so I can continue to offer the same rates to other morons and suckers out there.

My problem with the courts leaving her with $2.5 mil is that she would have had nothing - ZERO - if not for the criminal acts of her disgusting scum of the Earth husband. And she was not an innocent bystander in the Ponzie as she was employed by the firm. She knew or should have known full well what was going on! Therefore she should actually forfeit her entire nest egg and go on unemployment or welfare just like her and her husband's victims are doing! Let's see the stoic worm on line at the supermarket with food stamps.

As for the wonderful offspring of the union of Cruella De Vil and the Modern Willie Sutton the children cannot be allowed to continue unscathed. While they may not have been aware of the goings on at Madoff Securities (I doubt that) can anyone actually state without fear of successful contradiction that their education would have been possible without the stolen funds? Surely they would have had to get a job if not for the steady influx of scammed money.

The bottom line is that the Madoff boys made off quite well due to the father's sins and should not be allowed to profit thereof any longer. They can fend for themselves but must be stripped of any money they accumulated while the Ponzi was in action! Had Bernie been honest his kids may have been able to go to the best schools but I doubt it and it's not open to speculation at this time. Their lives were immeasurably better because daddy stole all that money but IT MUST END NOW!

In order to be fair to all the morons who's lives were ruined by their own greed and their trust in our system no one should be allowed to profit in any way shape or form from the Ponzi. And that means the Madoff children must also pay for the mother's and father's sins just like the investors are doing.

Oh, and Ruthie baby - I will be looking for your check to invest in my fund. As the finally late Billy Mays would say - IT'S A LIMITED TIME OFFER SO HURRY!!!
(Don't call it - A porno company bought the number.)


train buddy said...

How could you not have been touched by her statement saying how shocked she was at what her husband did and how sorry she is for all those investors who are penniless. I agree with you I don't believe for one minute that she didn't know what was going on. I'm not so sure I'd be that tough on their kids. If they truly didn't know what was going on then I feel sorry for them. They must be embarrassed by their parents behaviour. By the way how do you know that phone number is a porno company??? Hmmmmm

mug guy said...

As far as Ruth is concerned she must have known something was up even if she was not complicit in the scheme. Suddenly she can afford minks, yachts extra homes etc.
Remember the 1963 movie "The Pink Panther" when Capucine gives testimony in court that she was able to buy fur coats and other expensive items by, "being frugal with the household money."
As for the children I do not hold them responsible at least not with my current knowledge of events however there is a precedent in legalese for my position. Think of it as fruits of the poisonous tree where one act such as an illegal search of a house turns up damaging evidence against someone. The evidence is not allowed because the search was not legal. I say the children have profited immensely by their father's theft of funds from others and while they are not guilty they may not benefit any more from that cash.
It is a grey area but when we are talking about BILLIONS we are in uncharted territory with many lives ruined.
As for the phone number - Cute! I wrote the thing and then figured I better call it to make sure I'm not unleashing a flurry of activity on a poor unsuspecting schmuck. Go ahead and call!

mug guy said...

Oh, one more thing - Ruth Madoff's tirade against her man brings thoughts of the Nazis shooting one of their own in order to get off or at least gain sympathy from their enemies.
I know it's a mean analogy but there you go.
I hate people who knowingly screw others but my angetr is slightly tempered by realizing that the greed of the 'investors' allowed this scum to pull off his scam.

train buddy said...

Ruth gets no sympathy from me. As for 1963 I was only 3 years old so don't know much about that Pink Panther movie.

mug guy said...

Cute on the 1963 quip. We all know that you are young! At least when copmpared to such an old fart as myself.
Bill Maher had Meghan McCain on his show and she used the same argument when asked about a president from the past. He answered, "I wasn't around during the Civil War but I know it happened."
But you should see that old flick - it was sooo funny (See the Peter Sellers one. I like Steve Martin but his remake sucked.)