Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'IT' Wins for Now

Now that Bill O'Reilly (Billo to normal humans) has gotten his way by getting some brainless criminal follower of his to kill Dr. Tiller the question remains what will this despicable excuse for a life form do with his on air time?

It is obvious that Billo will not quit nor, it seems will the excrement known as the owners of Fox News fire him so what's next?

As we all wait for 'It' (I will now call him "It" with apologies to the Addams family member of the same name) to pick it's next target I wonder if Rush Lamebrain and Newtered Gingrich are vying for his support.

The GOP is not getting it's hands dirty by calling Justice Sotomayor any names as they have their current non-elected henchmen doing their bidding. These bastions of bull-headedness are using terms such as racist to demean her record. Aside from showing their stupidity and desperateness they are wrong but have no one to tell them so. The party leaders love these attacks so there will be no reprimand coming from people such as John BONER anytime soon.

The fact that they are using the nomination of this qualified judge as a rallying cry to their base for more funding is to be expected. The shame of the matter is that they are getting the funding! What does that say about the base? I guess they are baseless!

But back to 'It.' Who to attack next? Hmmm. So many humans, so little air time.

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