Friday, July 3, 2009

Why Can't We Be Friends

A good friend of mine sent me an e-mail filled with photographs of people demonstrating against Obama and the things he is trying to do to get the economy back on track. He said that he bet we did not see it on the news implying that it really happened and was not covered by the so-called Liberal press.

As I said he is a good friend of mine and I do not wish to lose a friend over differing political views so I replied to him with the following statement. I did so with love and understanding of the fact America allows all sides to air their views, even if they are wrong and mis-guided.

"Sure we saw it on the news – Fox News which is synonymous with No News!

You will always find a group of people ready to carry banners for pay no matter where you go. Hell I was laid off by a so-called businessman 10 months ago and I still feel to this day that I can do and did a better job than half the people at the company, including the ones who laid me off. So if some organizer of a silly ridiculous group of morons such as the ones who staged the rally in these photos or the organizers who run the “Tea Bag” rebellions asked me to join their rally and paid me I would do it as well. In fact I would jump at the idea of getting paid and taking some cash away from them.

The bottom line is this – we have a President and Congress and a recession not of their doing. If we wish to let the recession continue until the next election and even further then the opposition party should continue to obstruct and complain and hire people to say things about everything the current administration tries to do. But if we wish to get out of the bad times and back into prosperity then both sides should start to work together QUIETLY and without statements to the press aimed at gaining political points with their constituents. Afterwards they can do as all politicians have done since time began, take credit for the prosperity and good times as a result of their hard work.

Cheney continues to blame everything bad that happens or might happen but has not on Obama even though most of the things he complains about were started by him and his puppet. He complained this week that our pulling out of Iraq is causing the increase in violence and blamed it on the current administration. But last year while he was still running the country Cheney and W set June as the date to pull out! We need people like Cheney to realize that their 15 minutes is up and they must depart to greener pastures. In Cheney’s case I’ll admit that I would rather he depart UNDER the greener pastures but…

The bottom line is this - Let’s cut the crap and try to work together. I need to get back into the win column and I cannot do so when the people in control have to fight the other side of the aisle at every turn. You do not have to use a slogan such as “Yes We Can” or “Change is Good.” How about “United We Stand.” Because divided we are surely not doing so well."

Anyway I hope he still considers me a friend - I know I do.


train buddy said...

I'd be interested in knowing where this rally took place. I was in Tampa on Friday and Saturday and on one of the main thoroughfares there were protestors lining the streets protesting against Obama. Don't think it was going well as they were asking drivers to honk their horns if they agreed and it was awfully quiet outside. Wondering if it was the same as your friend was talking about.

Reschzoo said...

The so-called rally of which my friend spoke supposedly happened recently in Chicago. This is supposed to be significant since Obama is from Chicago.
The last rallies I heard about in Tampa were by anti-Semitic groups protesting Israel's defense against terrorists. That rally wanted Israel to lay down and allow the Palestinians to kill them.
Rallies are generally one-sided and as such meaningless. Debates are needed but no one would be interested in those - They take too long and could be boring.