Monday, June 1, 2009

GOP Agenda Revealed

In previously hidden documents leaked to this reporter it was recently revealed that high ranking members of the GOP have an agenda when it comes to the Minnesota Senatorial battle.

An anonymous backer of the fight to get Norm Coleman placed in the Minnesota Senate seat that was won again and again and again by Al Franken has hinted that after they wear down the, "Democrat Socialists on the left they are going after Obama."

(This is not Norm Coleman.
It's Ron Coleman
Sorry but I Couldn't find a
good photo of Norm.)

It seems that they have found a loophole in the law that allows them to go back in time and actually change some votes. He reminds us that they were able to bamboozle old people in Florida into thinking they were voting for John Kerry while actually casting support for a brainless moron. They continued this practice in Ohio four years later to reach another seemingly impossible goal before being trounced in 2008.

"But we can't let a little thing like a mandate stop us. After all Darwin has been taught in the schools for years and our movement has been able to get intelligent design into many a school curriculum. Our plan is nothing short of brilliant and nukular."

He goes on to state that the old adage about, "A black man becoming President when pigs fly" is not true merely because Swine Flu is in the air. "If that were the case Cheney would be President since he is the closest thing we have to a pig in the party."

This reporter found it hard to argue with that last bit of information since Ann Coulter is not really a member of the GOP.

On a final and personal note I truly hope the Minnesota Supreme Court will take a page out of the court rulings of 2000 and stop this silly on-going recount. The forgone conclusion of the vote should be put in the books and the Honorable Al Franken should be allowed to get on with the business at hand.

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