Thursday, June 25, 2009

America's Got Talent - Unfortunately

If one of your workers is very good at his or her job you naturally try to keep them. But being a shrewd businessman you don't let the employee know how much you like them lest they hit you up for a raise.

But if the worker is not that good or has actually done damage to your business you have an obligation to the company, or shareholders if you are a public company to ease the worker out.

All the above is quite logical and should be standard practice in the world of big and small business. So why is Citi Group, a company which is partly owned by you and I rewarding their employees with a 50% increase in salary?

The answer that is routinely given by all the crooks and underhanded double-dealing SOBs who run companies that have caused so much grief in the world is that they need to pay their workers more money so as to not lose talent!



Could it be the talent to go along with every underhanded scheme that brings in more money to the CEO and Board of Directors while wrecking the company and causing a bailout by tax-payers? Is that the talent?

Does anyone other than Congress fall for this bull shit? And truthfully do they think we are so stupid as to believe them?

Well obviously it does not matter what we think since they do as they please and cannot be hurt by hurting us.

The bottom line is that the same people being rewarded with huge raises are the ones that caused our economy to crash. And their bosses who were incredibly complicit in the wrong-doing are the ones handing out the cash. And that cash was handed to them by Congress. And the cash Congress gave them was ours!

The so-called talent should actually be sitting next to people like Madoff and Stanford waiting arraignment not being rewarded with mega bucks.

If theses 'talented' people decided to leave the companies that are so hell bent on keeping them where would they go? Are they not branded and known for what they are, crooks?
I say cut their salaries and dare them to join the rest of us in the real world they helped to create!

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