Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Say What You Like

Freedom of speech is not just a word or a phrase in this country, it is a way of life. Unfortunately it can also be a way of death or a path toward it at least.

When Fox News starts a campaign against one group or individual they can instill and install such hate in some of the weak minded people of our country as to be downright frightening. Dr. Tiller's recent murder at the hands of a frenzied Fox News lover and obvious advocate of Bill O'Reilly's right to say anything he wants is a perfect example of how hate speech can kill.

But as bad as the people of Fox News are, and boy are they bad, they have a right to say what they feel because of that aforementioned freedom. It is up to society to see through the veil of stupidity and hate and realize that entities such as Fox only wish to stir the pot in hopes of ratings and advertising dollars. I must believe that O'Reilly and the rest of his group don't really believe half the things they spout. At least I hope they don't. But I have no patience for the weak minded amoral morons of the fringe groups who take to the shadows in order to play God and carry out the agenda they believe they are on Earth to do.

Knowing that such people exist and are citizens of this country and have televisions with which to listen to the dribble on Fox should make that network a little more aware of their power. It should hint to the owners of Fox that they might be a bit over the top and perhaps they should tone down their rhetoric for a while.

Unfortunately they have an agenda as well and theirs does not take into account that they can cause murder. And once again they have the right to spew so all the rest of us can do is monitor their filth and be prepared for the fallout. We must treat them as perverted sex offenders and make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows where they reside. They are an annoyance like any common insect but even insects serve a purpose. Without evil can how can we measure good?

Love it or hate it America is a free nation and the best idea to come along in along time. We are not afraid of our freedom of speech nor the different ways in which it is aired. We get our news from so many directions that there is not enough hours in the day to ingest it all and still we crave more. As of this moment we see how a nation run by leaders afraid of freedom treats the news with reporters being told to stay indoors in Iran. It is for their safety they are told. Right, safety from the leaders who must censor the news of how badly they run their country. The internet and its
newest grass root news source, Twitter is the only thing keeping the world apprised of the atrocities going on that country in turmoil. They fear the mouse!

One of these days all countries may come to our way of thinking but anyone reading this will most likely be long gone by then.

Hey, I have an idea, let's send Fox News and their values over to Iran and see how long they survive. I mean they seem to hate this country so much. We could be killing two birds...

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