Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Pregnant Pause

A female police officer on Long Island is suing because she was discriminated against while pregnant. She was supposedly denied light duty assignments while pregnant and then passed over for promotion to sergeant basically due to her gender.

Her attorney is telescoping the charges down to a central issue of job and paycheck vs. having a family like her male counterparts.

She is being treated as though she did something wrong and since the entity treating her that way is our police force are they calling her pregnancy a crime?
If it is a crime should her husband be arrested for aiding and abetting (or bedding) her?

Presumably the woman officer passed all the necessary tests in order to join the force and should therefore be treated in much the same way as her fellow officers.

This is another no-brainer that is brought to you by the wonderful members of the good old boys club. Their stupidity never ceases to amaze and as a male embarrass me.

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