Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Anti-Curmudgeon

Occasionally something happens that makes even curmudgeons sit up and take notice. Such was the case this week when a Shirley, Long Island convenience store owner turned the tables on a would be robber and treated the guy with respect!

Mohammad Sohail from Lahore, Pakistan was confronted by a masked man (not the Lone Ranger) demanding the cash from the register. Mo as he is known to his regulars quickly picked up a shot gun and forced the man into a submissive position on his knees.

While on the ground the perp reverted to reality and begged for leniency stating that he was out of work and in need of money for his family, etc. Mo was so taken by the tale that he handed the man $40 and some bread and was actually getting some milk when the man fled the store.

Now as a card-carrying member of the Curmudgeon league I refuse to extrapolate this one story to include all members of Mo's groups (that would be profiling) but I will give the devil his due!

Way to go Mr. Sohail. I salute you!

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