Monday, June 15, 2009


If you apply and are hired for a job but then do the opposite of what the boss hired you to do should you be fired? At the very least you should be reprimanded and called before the boss to explain your actions and replaced if the matter can not be resolved.

New York State Democratic Senators Monserrate of Jackson heights and Espada of the Bronx have done just that by going against the wishes of their constituents and they should be reviewed and possibly replaced before they can cause more damage.

Unlike the move of self-serving Senator Arlen Spector who switched from the dwindling Republican Party to join the majority Democratic Party because he saw a losing reelection bid in his future these two New Yorkers have tipped the scales and may have completely changed the direction of our State Senate.

And the fact that non-resident billionaire Thomas Golisano who is quitting New York and moving to Florida to save some tax money orchestrated the dirty dancing waltz makes the moves even more reprehensible and deserving of investigation.

I cannot and will not make allegations as to how much if any of that saved money will find its way into the pockets of any Senators. By the way is the AFLAC mascot a DUCK???

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