Friday, June 19, 2009

Too Small for Coverage

All we hear on the news and financial shows these days is, "How can we fix health care in this country? What can be done to help small businesses give their employees health care?"

It seems that a tremendous percentage of businesses are considered 'small' and as such employ a massive amount of Americans and those workers make up the bulk of the working uninsured.

So our law-makers are racking their alleged brains on how to solve the problem. You see health care is very expensive and only large companies can afford to pay for the luxury and thus ensure that their loyal workers are insured. But are the people who work in small businesses and pay large amounts of taxes any less loyal or deserving of health care?

Instead of waltzing around the issue as Congress has done for 16 or more years why not grab the bull by the tail and face the situation? Read that again and understand that I did not choose the wrong end of the animal in my analogy. In order to face the situation you must go to the source of the problem, namely the insurance companies!

These butt-heads are not in business to see to it that Americans are covered and receive adequate health care. They are in the business to see to it that they themselves receive obscene amounts of money with which they can smooth the way forward to receive even larger amounts of money.

The main objective of insurance companies is to create massive mazes through which the premium paying insured must navigate in order to be told that he or she is not covered. How long before we are told that anything we need medical care for is considered a pre-existing condition? After all the leading cause of death is actually birth!

Some of our Senators , and I will not name names or give hints as to whom they might be, Republicans, are firmly in the camps of these HMOs and must protect them with every ounce and penny of their hidden campaign funds. But you see these law-makers do not need to purchase health care insurance, we give it to them as a perk for doing the job we elect them to do! The fact that they do not do that job seems to have escaped notice.

A very simple solution to the problem of health care for the workers in small businesses is to tell the HMOs that they can no longer charge them different rates than they charge the larger companies. If they persist in this discriminatory practice they lose their license to sell insurance to anyone!
End of story!

Naturally this would prompt the money hungry SOBs to raise their rates to the large businesses but given the percentage difference between the two classes the amount would not be that great and would allow a very large numbers of voters more affordable access to health care.

It seems funny that the Senators and Representatives who do not pay one cent for their coverage or the coverage of their families, (or perhaps even their mistresses, sorry Senator Ensign) nor for their pension nor their social security nor it seems for their travel costs on vacation should be deciding the fate of health care for the rest of us. Once again it is a case where the people who do not play the game are making the rules! Unfortunately we have no choice so we must beg these leaders to finally get their acts together, shut their public mouths, stop pointing thier grubby little fingers and get it done!

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