Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Tapes of Wrath

I attempted to pitch a show to network executives but they said it was too far-fetched. I felt it would run for at least four or five years. In the end they kicked me out of their office even going so far as to accuse me of stealing the idea from someone else. I had to protest and putting up both of my arms in a victory salute I said as I left the office, "I am not a crook!"

Here is the idea I pitched. I report, you decide.

"The Tapes of Wrath."

A paranoid bigoted secretive deceitful man who has been a number two man for years finally rises to the head of his company and becomes CEO.

He is immediately worried that someone else will do to him what he had conspired to do for so many years. So he proceeds to set up a system to spy on anyone he feels is out to get him, which in this case must be everyone since he is, as noted paranoid.

He spies on his friends and as well as his perceived enemies and keeps his closest allies under strict orders to hide the tactics. In some cases his advisers become so wrapped up in the illusions of the CEO that they start making their own bold moves in his name.

But the man also has a sense of his own greatness and needs to keep records of his achievements for posterity so he records many of his conversations carefully locking them away for future use.

During one taping his bigotry comes out as he rants about some people who he knows have had interracial sex and ponders the efficacy of abortion for the ensuing disgusting offspring. Luckily for him and his company the aids talk him out of saying such things in public.

Looking back I realize that the show wouldn't work anymore. It was played out years ago and then reworked into a new version in 2000. It was finally canceled in 2008 and with any luck will not hit reruns or syndication for decades to come.

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