Friday, June 26, 2009

Farrah & I

So there I was sitting minding my own business at the bar in Lakeville Manor in the 70s hoping to meet a nice or not so nice girl.

Sitting next to me was a rather beautiful looking woman with very long flowing blond hair which was stylish for the time. She was sitting with her back toward me and I was trying to figure out how I could get her to turn my way.

At this very moment an abusive drunk sat down next to her and in his slurred voice muttered, "Hey, Farrah Fawcett. How ya doin?"

She did what any sane person would do and turned away from the sot and came face to face with yours truly.
And in order to make it clear that she was not
interested in the other guy Farrah (not her real name but time has robbed my memory of that part of the story) started to talk to me.

By the way the guy may have been drunk but he wasn't blind. The lady had a striking resemblance to Ms. Fawcett that went beyond her hair.

Anyway we dated for a while after that but unfortunately I was as shallow as the next guy and the relationship could not last because I considered her to be GU -
Geographically Undesirable!

Back then GU was a very real consideration. I lived in North Queens and she lived in the farthest Southern point of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The distance between us added around four hours to a date.

Looking back I am happy with how things turned out as I have a wonderful family and great kids but for one brief moment in time I dated Farrah Fawcett, sort of.

RIP (Real) Farrah.


Train Buddy said...

Can't wait to hear about your relationship with Michael Jackson

mug guy said...

Me and MJ? We were tight!!!
Oh, wait, you meant Michael Jackson the entertainer? I meant MJ as in the smoke!