Sunday, June 28, 2009

When Two is One

The Republicans appear to be taking turns showing their true colors these days. Governor Sanford of South Carolina is only the latest hypocrite from the 'party of no' to show that when it came to temptation he just could not say no!

But the list is getting so long that one must wonder if there is not a method to their madness. After all to my knowledge none of these despicable excuses for human beings have quit or been drummed out of the party. The 'wide stance' of the Republicans on hypocrisy is becoming comical and while late night comedians may find it useful fodder America does not, nor should it. Less gets done in Congress when one side can think of nothing but hindrance.

It is a shame that Michael Jackson passed away so young and Farrah Fawcett lost her fight with cancer but who can deny that those 2 tragedies saved more front page humiliation for Governor Sanford? You could almost hear a sigh of relief at the passing of the celebrities from the so-called right side of the aisle.

So what is going on in the Family Values Party aka the Republican party? A list of their news worthy members could be front page juice for Enquirer type tabloids for months. I am speaking of:

Sanford - When your cover story is that you snuck away from your duties as a Governor and as a father on Father's Day to go naked hiking on the Appalachian Trail without letting family or friends know your real story is going to be a whopper.

Vitter - His phone number just happened to turn up in a well known D.C. Madam's phone book.

Gingrich - Who among MANY other hypocritical tasty items was having an affair during the same period he was voting to impeach Bill Clinton for his minor discretion. (Must click on his name for unreal list of good stuff.) And after reading his resume realize that he is the current leader in the GOP 2012 race to run for the White House!

Foley - Senator in charge of committee to keep children safe a pedophile??? When this creep was bending over pages it had nothing to do with books!

Craig - Love comes at the tapping of a shoe. Senator Craig has always denied he was Gay - He's just a very happy guy I guess. Next time he visits Minnesota he should hold it in!

Ensign - This guy is another of those former up and coming hypocrites of the 'NO' party, as in NO CLASS. Not only was he boinking a staffer she was married to another of the disgusting Senator's staffers. I guess the other guy wasn't interested in a threesome.

The list has more names but you get the picture.

So what is future path for this pathetic party of putrid people? Well judging from the way loser - and I mean that word in SO MANY WAYS - Norm Coleman has been holding up the seating of the winner of the Minnesota Senatorial race, Al Franken I can only guess that they feel they can still overtake the Democrats in Congress.

Coleman's Governor Pawlenty has curiously stayed out of the fray perhaps hoping that Kathryn Harris, the ugliest woman on the face of the planet not counting Ann Coulter, will come riding in on her horse or broomstick and declare Coleman the winner.

But I have finally realized the strategy of the Republicans and flawed though it may be you have to give them an A for effort. (Or is that an E for effort? I never understood that phrase.)

They feel that since most of the members of the party are TWO-FACED they should get two votes!!! Counting it that way they can get their majority back and finally get the government back on track - just like it was in the glory days when Cheney, Rove and their puppet Bush ran the place. Let's see, who can we invade next? Lichtenstein?

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