Thursday, June 18, 2009


According to news wire services and the World Health Organization there has been an outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Libya.

The disease dates back hundreds if not thousands of years and has been known as The Black Death. The name is arguably due to either the color of the skin after the body has been ravaged by the disease or the mere fact that it is so deadly as to give anyone with it a 'black' or glum outlook.

Thirteen cases have so far been confirmed all near the Egyptian border to the east of Libya with at least three fatalities. Several other people are also suspected of being infected as of this moment.

The disease is spread by rats and their fleas hiding in the shadows and coming out to feed and infect.

So the disease is spread by hiding rats?
And these disgusting creatures are located in the Arab parts of the world?
And wherever they surface disease and death occurs?
They are repugnant to look at and kill indiscriminately.

Haven't we been fighting this same filthy lower life form since 9-11?

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