Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You're Not Worth a Look

In normal day to day situations if someone catches your eye and says "Hi" you would probably say "Hi" back. And if you get a phone call or an e-mail the odds are you will acknowledge it at some point in time.

The above is silly and obvious and really does not need to be stated for normal human beings.

But there are quite a few people who are still walking this Earth who believe that they are above the rest of us and do not see the need to reply to anything. These individuals are generally thought of as despicable egotistical (fill in your own plural expletive here.)

Now I am not talking about those of you who use your "Caller ID" to screen your calls so as not to have to talk to your mother-in-law, or mother for that matter and you know who you are. Those slight discretions or white lies of omission do not harm the ignored person for long and as long as they never find out that you were sitting there looking at the number calling you and thinking, "No way, not now!" they will not be irreparably harmed.

But how about those individuals who put on their pants one leg at a time like the rest of us
but believe themselves to be way above humanity? They visit the toilet facilities on a regular basis as do we but of course their deposits leave no odor.

When cornered and found out to have been ignoring a situation these holier than thou types generally switch gears and become very polite and knowledgeable of the problem at hand as though they were following it all along. They seem to understand the matter quickly and dispose of it with the same speed. You come away wondering if you were wrong about them.
You were not!
This is a tactic at which these people have become very adept. My religion does not believe in Hell but if we did we would expect to see its streets lined with this type of scum. Unfortunately they are generally so aloof that I doubt they would even then notice their personal surroundings.

So what is the point of my rant?
For the past three months I have been patiently trying to get one of these creatures to respond to my e-mails and letters but to no avail. In my life I never ignored anyone to the extent that this 'thing' has ignored me.

Why bring this up now?
For one thing it allows me to vent some frustration at the fact that the 'thing' is still alive and working and prospering way above and beyond its deserving worth.
Putting this on the internet possibly allows others to read it and recognize themselves or others. It may give someone else an understanding of the true evil that exists in our everyday lives.
And finally it sends a message to the 'thing' of whom I speak that this time I am not giving up.

When I first incurred an injustice at the hands of this same being I wrote about it on this blog. The thing never reads these things so it really was not going to help my cause but lo and behold it did read it and called to comment that I was wrong and unfair.

Time passed before I realized how he found the blog. One of the brown-nosing useless IT people in his company came across the article and ran to snitch. "Look what I found! Aren't I good? Can I have a treat?"

After receiving his candy from his superior the back-stabbing moron went back to wasting time at his desk, surfing the web for jokes and porn. (The funniest part of this is that "Brown-Nosee" is a huge "Brown-Noser" of his owner and his owner's father. In fact he has to be but that is a story for private issue later. Call me, we'll do lunch and talk.)

Still I doubt any of the characters in this story will come across the blog this time and it is really being written more as therapy and a reminder to myself that I will not allow them to get away with ignoring me anymore.


train buddy said...

Why don't you let us know what you really feel. I hope I'm not the "thing". Don't you think a stiff drink what have made you feel better?

mug guy said...

First off a stiff anything would make me feel better but that's for another discussion.
Naturally you are not the 'thing.' The mere fact that you read this and replied takes you out of the running.
As for the subjects of the piece they will have to get their heads out of others' a-holes long enough to surf the web to find this and that is not going to happen anytime soon.
Stay well and stay tuned.