Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And Daddy Makes 3

Newsday reported that two sides of the Long Island Lighthouse project will be meeting this Friday to discuss the plan's future.

Charles Wang, who has been pushing for the project for various reasons not the least of which is personal gain, will sit down with Nassau County Executive Kate Murray who arguably does nothing without a thought of personal gain.

Why would I say something like that about Ms. Murray? Well for a long time I actually liked the lady and thought she was doing a fair job. Naturally I am not that naive and realized that many of the projects she backed would not exactly hurt her while they did some good for the citizens of the Island. However it came to light that she hired her father for a job with the county at an obscene salary after he had retired and was collecting a pension. The money the man was collecting was tax payer dollars and he was getting a double dip of it at that. Many are out of work and not making any salaries. Why should we allow this Nepotism?

After Newsday broke the story about Ms. Murray's retired, rehired dad once again retired (should that be re-retired?) and backed out of the job. So now the question comes back into the foreground. At Friday's meeting with Mr. Wang will part of the conversation be, "Hire my dad or I block the project?"

This is a mean allegation but hey, she started it!

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