Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Many of the less than intelligent people who continue to rail against President Obama for various reasons, not the least of which is his skin color don't realize that they are following a long range plan.
And what a plan it was and is!
The plan is far reaching and insidious.
And it started in the mid 1980s.
Actually you could go back to 1972 when a father worried about his idiot son's future called a friend for a favor.  Read the rest of this piece then go back and learn about the moronic main character of this piece and his early days.
It is almost easy to connect the dots of a long range event from the comfy perch of a future seat.  And using that couch I offer a telescoped view of the events from some thirty years ago to today and unfortunately beyond.
In the early part of the 80's some deviously smart people got together looking for a rube, an idiot with whom to work, to mold and present to the public as a leader.
They had to choose someone with money but not too much.
They had to find someone with a name and a family but not too powerful.
They wanted a malleable character who wouldn't ask too many questions.
And most importantly the person must have been a failure on his own and therefore open to being managed.
These people chose as the manager or brain for this rube a political unknown named Karl Rove.  And Karl Rove chose as his puppet one George W Bush.
One complication, not really a terrible one when you think about it was that G W Bush's daddy was elected President of the United States in 1988.  But that pushed the Rove Bush agenda back a bit.
The child treaded water by purchasing the Texas Ranger baseball team and nearly ruining it.  But when he finally was convinced to run for Governor he was aided by the first of many incredibly dirty campaigns run by that arguably sub-human dirt bag Rove.
Bush and Rove trashed his opponent in 1990 and won the election in the very religious state and was reelected 4 years later by a large margin.
In fairness to young Bush he did some good for the state but most of his work was 'faith based' and slightly backwards as far as the founders of the country would have thought.
But still the long range plan was to get this loser into the governors mansion of Texas and then onto the national stage with the Presidency and it's power as the ultimate goal.
Darth Vader wishes he was
evil as this bastard and his
pig of a daughter.
So step one was complete.
Late in 1998 the rest of the plan was unveiled and Rove let W know some of it but not all.  It never pays to let the little people in on everything too soon.  The team chose a long time political insider and favorably devious man Dick Cheney to run as Vice President and handle W once elected.
Severely disgusting Harris
But in order to get elected certainly already exposed frauds were planned and enacted.  These are well documented and known so I need not rehash them except to note that a disgustingly ugly human known as Kathleen Harris of Florida and a prophetic Supreme Court decision entered into the final act.
Once in office and some say even before the team got to work on a plan to invade Iraq and take out Hussein.  Cheney and his company Halliburton as well as other large corporations wanted the oil under that easy pickings country but had no way of how to coerce Congress into attacking.
Whether or not the war mongers of the team new beforehand about the events of 911 is up for future scholars to debate but one thing is clear it was used as a spring board to put their plan into action.
Billions of dollars were "lost" in Iraq and the friends of Cheney became overnight billionaires on the blood of American soldiers.
But the real prize for the "Faith Based" moron in the White House was yet to come.
During his two terms as an unelected President (The second term elections are also tainted) W was able to replace intelligent and fair Supreme Court Justices with hand picked and young 'right leaning' puppets to the lifetime post.
This is how much money I will
help the Republicans make!
The Supreme Court then went on a rampage against all that made America great taking us back toward the dark ages of religion run governments.
But in order to put the final touch on future elections they had to find a way to make an unsuspecting public vote against their better judgement and needs.  They had to convince the average citizen that the Republicans were good even though they gave not a rat's ass about the middle class or poor of America.
The Republicans needed to get the vote of a majority of citizens in a country where that majority is registered as Democrat.
They hit on full fledged 24/7 advertising blitz and control of the airwaves.  They would seed small groups and pepper them with planted shills to rile up the crowd.
Smug Roberts of SCOTUS
But while many of the behind the scenes billionaires were all for the plan it was going to take more money than any one person was allowed to donate to the cause.
Enter the Bush flooded Supreme Court and the puppets of the wealthy.  The ruling that corporations are people too open those flood gates so that multi-national corporations may now fund a seemingly endless attack on the Democratic Party and the middle class.
In effect the SCOTUS ruling allows the wealthy to hand pick and fund the candidates of their choice so that they can finally use their money the way they always wanted, to buy the government outright!
The billionaires of this country continue to deflect our attention from the fact that they only want more wealth and less taxes on it.  The Tea Party is yet another distraction to the real agenda started way back in 1980.
And counter-intuitively the election of President Obama was actually a God send for this ungodly group.  They were able to channel the deep seated hatred by a majority of rednecks against Black Americans in America into an anti-Democratic campaign sure to gain back the majority control of our government.  They also sprinkled in a little Muslim hating and illegal immigrant fears along the way just for good measure.
This is of course an unauthorized accounting of history but it sure as hell fits the events that have come to pass.
And while it may be Monday morning quarterbacking the game is not over.  It is up to the Democrats to decide if we the people still have a chance to come out on top.
This is September and as Yogi says, "It ain't over till it's over."


Dalia said...

Wow! I just finish reading your article, I have a lot to say but one thing I have to say is that no matter what happened in the past or the future when it comes to money it become a Power and when you get the power you do not think about anybody but yourself ...Find an honest politicians and you will find a few out of hundreds of them. I agree a lot about what you say and I have difficulty to agree on everything you wrote...(you are angry...)still think you are very smart:)

Cousin Bruce said...

Angry? Moi?
I am very upset at what has happened to our country over the last couple of decades and you are right about the main underlying cause - Money!
Smart? Aw shucks.
I'd say I'm just an observant citizen who gets enjoyment out of writing as a way to vent. I hope I start conversations more than arguments but even they, if civil can be constructive.
What is not constructive is totally partisan caused roadblocks funded by wealthy people with agendas that are not in the public interest.
And THANK YOU for your comment!!!