Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Train Your Politician

When we are upset with a politician for not doing what we want we vote them out of office. Unfortunately that is often the wrong thing to do although at times it appears as though it is our only choice.
That has always been the preferred method and is known as 'working within the system.'  It is certainly better than a military coup as some other countries use.
But many times the alternative candidate is far worse.
There is a reason for the adages, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ or ‘Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.’
So what is the solution to our current problem?
How can we change Congress and the inactive, ineffective way our elected officials are performing?
Well we could go the screaming and yelling route, tossing out anyone 'in' to replace them with anyone 'not in.'
That Tea Party tactic turns Government topsy turvy.
Or we could use our voices in a saner, more rational and quiet way to get the job done.
We may not wish to hear this but politicians have two jobs.
One is to fight for legislation that helps the plight of their constituency and the other is to get enough money in their campaign funds to get re-elected.  For most that second job has become job one!  And for many that has become their only job!!
It is up to us to make them realize the error of their ways and get them back on track and working toward their original purpose; helping the people they represent.
We who sit back and expect our representatives in government to glean our needs by looking at polls or sticking their wetted fingers in the air to sense the wind’s direction are at fault.  We have to be proactive and let these men and women know our true feelings.
We can do this with letters and emails and phone calls and personal visits to their local offices.
But when we go this route we must be respectful of their position and not treat them like children.  We must not yell at them but rather calmly explain our thoughts.
Remember another adage that is also true, “You get more bees with honey than vinegar!”
Make believe America is a company and our congressmen and women work for us.  Isn't it better and more cost effective to tweak their skills rather than hire new workers and start from scratch?
And if our employees listen and do the right thing then we reward them with your vote!

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