Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And We Should Care Why?

In the paper today I was reading about many items that will appear on my blog shortly.  These items are interesting and of concern to all of us in America.
But also in the paper were some stories that we should all consider and regard as fluff.  These are the ones that speak about bad behavior of so-called celebrities.
I won't delve into all of them but here are the three that stood out as annoying and deserve a permanent home in the WHO GIVES A SHIT hall of fame.
1 - Lindsay Lohan had her probation revoked.  Let's see, she was in jail - she was out of jail - she was taking drugs - she stopped taking drugs - she went to rehab - she was out of rehab - she was placed on probation - she had it revoked!
And we should care why?
2 - Paris Hilton gets plea deal negotiated probation.  Let's see, she has sex with anyone who walks or breathes - she shows off her v-jayjay as often as possible as though she were Britney Spears, her former BFF - She takes drugs - she never takes drugs - she had drugs - they weren't hers - okay they were hers - she was arrested - she was released she made a deal to get probation (I don't want to know what she promised the judge or DA PLEASE) and she now walks among us again.
And we should care why?
3 - Bristol Palin is going on Dancing with the stars.  Let's see she gets on that show because she is - the slut daughter of a family values hypocrite - she got pregnant as an unwed teenager - she split with the father of the child - she got back with the father of the child - her mother is not happy about that but is not smart enough to figure out why - she gets a makeover to look better - she finagles a spot on an inane television show that allows her to show off some moves that probably got her pregnant in the first place.
And we should care why?
We have real problems in this country and while I do not believe we should focus on them every second of every day we should be able to find a better release from the tension than following the bad behavior of these sluts.
If we really wish to see bad behavior and morons in action just turn on C-Span and watch the fat cats of Congress block every possible fix to our economic woes.

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