Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finger THIS!

Ever wonder where politicians’ fingers are during a normal day?
It seems that when they are not pointing them at their opponents they must be picking their noses since nothing gets done in DC anymore.
Of course I realize that last part was gross and also impossible since most of them have their heads up their asses making the procedure difficult at best.
Luckily one does not have to search the archives of any news service to find examples of hypocritical behavior when it comes to the finger pointing.
Today it was reported that Democratic Representative Carolyn McCarthy is donating some $53K her campaign fund received from PMC, a lobbying group linked to influence peddling and possible earmark frauds.  Ms. McCarthy is giving the money to charities so as to do some good with the money she received.
She said she did not know what the donating group was doing and that as soon as she was informed of PMC’s actions she made the decision to give the money away.
Fran Becker has
one aim in life
Her opponent in the upcoming election, Nassau County Legislator Francis X. Becker feels that it is important we know all about the actions of Ms. McCarthy.
BUT the whistle blowers in this finger pointing case, the group supporting and promoting Mr. Becker, the National Republican Congressional Committee also took money from PMC to the tune of $20,000.  The NRCC however has yet to give the money back or donate it and has no intention of doing so at this time.
I guess they can’t get their hands on the money since their fingers are busy elsewhere!

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