Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humans Of America - WAKE UP!

Okay America, Seriously?
Are any of you with a brain or even just half a brain seriously thinking about voting for any of the unbelievably stupid Republican candidates running this year???
You have been inundated with videos of Christine O'Donnell talking about her days as a witch, her belief that evolution is not real and raped women must bring the cells to fetus level and then to full term, even if it means her life!
You have heard Sharron Angle speak the same thoughts about rape and abortion; her wishes to privatize the Veterans Administration, Social Security and Medicare.  And the dumb bimbo is suggesting that citizens look into "Second Amendment" methods to take out Harry Reid!!!!!
This statement should land the freaking idiot in jail, not the Senate!
And now we have Rand Paul claiming that President Obama got where he is by hypnotizing the Jews!  SERIOUSLY!  Here is his story.
Paladino exaggerating again.
And in New York we are given the choice of Mr. Cuomo who has exemplified fair and honest public service running against Mr. Paladino who loves porn e-mails and is so much of a filthy ranting disgusting low-life that he shouldn't even be allowed in the race.
Carly firing more hard workers
In Connecticut the voters are asked to take a former executive in the fake wrestling business seriously and in California voters may be asked to vote for Carly Fiorina who is famous for firing more people than just about every CEO before her with the possible exception of Chain Saw Al.
Top to bottom and left to right the candidates running under the Republican/Tea Party umbrella are zany at best and criminally insane at worst.  And if a majority of them get into Congress we are in for a two year stretch of insanity in DC.
With jack asses such as Jim DeMint threatening to shut down the government merely because he can how can any sane human being allow him to be part of a majority?????

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