Monday, September 13, 2010

Class? Really?

This is merely a quick afterthought to the post below that is essentially about class warfare.
The term suggests a fight between the poor or people with moderate amounts of money and the wealthy.  It is between  perceived alternate levels in society.
But the two groups at odds these days are different.
This class warfare is being fought between good hardworking or willing to be hard working Americans and a group of people WITH NO CLASS!
It is not only about money but humanity.
As I stated below and ask again, how much is enough?
The poverty level in America is now at 14%.  That's one out of seven people.
This war will not produce photo ops with bloody streets for the media to feed upon.
This war is more subtle.
The weapons being used are:
Advertisements funded by billionaires feeding lies to the masses about good times ahead if just continue the BUSH/CHENEY tax cuts for the wealthy!
Blocks of blockading Republicans stopping any possible legislation with a blitzkrieg of propaganda aimed at helping the not-so-wealthy.
Terrorist funded media organizations bombarding the airways with messages of hate and fear deflecting our view of the real problems.
As I said - the war is a subtle one and it is between the average citizen of America and those with no class!


Anonymous said...

So the war should be over since the Republicans have no class!

Cousin Bruce said...

Haha - Well said. CLASS DISMISSED.