Friday, September 17, 2010

OMG - Or Not!

If you are a religious person then I say good for you!
But if you are not a religious person then I say good for you!
Huh?  How can you say "but" when both statements are sort of similar?
Easily - Who am I to tell you what religion to follow or even if you should follow one at all?  As long as you are happy in your decision that works for me.
But the converse must be true as well.
Nobody should judge me by the religion or lack there of I pursue.
If the entire world could say and do that there would be far more peace on earth than any religious leader ever dreamed possible!
And that brings me to the United States Congress and specifically God's Own Party aka the GOP.
It has long been known that many of these so-called "family values" leaders are hypocritically practicing other than what they preach.  But that is their business and should remain such AS LONG AS THEY DON'T USE RELIGION TO LEAD.
You see the United States of America was founded on a few principles not the least of which is the separation of Church and State.  This was done for a reason and that reason has not diminished in importance in the two hundred years since our birth.  If anything it has become even more valid in light of the many struggles in progress around the world.
So if a candidate or sitting leader wishes to be religious that's great.  But if that same person starts to rule or try to turn bills into laws based solely on their ethereal views we must demand they get their heads out of the clouds or their asses out of Congress!
An un-doctored video (something Mr. Breitbart wouldn't understand) has surfaced showing many of these hypocrites using their own words to declare themselves unfit for U S Congress.  These people should be investigated and thanked for their loyal surface and shown the door.
I am not against prayer although with so many pressing issues concerning the citizens of this country I believe it takes away precious time from governing.
If these people were truly religious I would ask them how they can turn their backs on the poor and middle class of America who are struggling to make ends meet?
How can they justify their blockage of all aid to the unemployed?
How can they propose giving trillions of our tax dollars to the few people in the country who don't need any more money?
And finally how can they sit in their churches praying to their God knowing that the God they created would never do any of those things?

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Anonymous said...

This is scary! We elected these people to govern and they actually say that our problems will not be solved on the floor of Congress but in the halls of God??? Then why the hell did they run? Get the hell out of there and let someone else try!!!