Monday, September 6, 2010

The Law is a Ass!

Charles Dickens wrote that famous (infamous) line in his book, "Oliver Twist."
His basic feeling was that the law should be logical.  It along with a dedicated police force should serve and protect the people.  Because as we all know, in the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate but equal... (Is there anyone in the world who has not heard this?)
So when the law does the opposite of those simple principles it should be changed.
In America we tend to review the law constantly with a general eye toward improvement.  Naturally the winds of the political world blow our legal sails in many directions and often we must tack against them to follow our own rules.  A prime example is the ongoing fight over Roe V Wade.
Presidents who are fortunate enough to appoint life term justices to the Supreme Court can have their views supported for many years to come.  This can create a dilemma when the majority of the public wants one policy but the court leans the other way.
But luckily we don't have too many horrible rulings that have to be walked back at a later date and our laws are dynamic and manageable.
But that is not the case in many other countries of the World.
Take Iran for instance.
In the news this week is the ongoing case of a young woman who faces the thrilling prospect of 99 lashes and the death by stoning.  This unbelievably brutal sentence was delivered under Sharia Law and is the punishment for her awful crime.
What terrible act did this evil woman commit?
She was photographed without her head being covered.  This after it was reported that she committed adultery.
In case anyone is wondering even though it generally takes two to tango if there was a man involved in the adultery he faces no punishment.  But he will now have more funny stories to tell his buddies when they meet up at the local hangout or armory.
In the guilty woman's defense the attorney is claiming, not that the law is a ass but rather that it was a different woman and not his client.
In other words the lawyer realizes that he must work within the system even though the system is terribly broken.
Frankly if anyone deserves to be stoned to death for showing his face in public without being totally covered it should really be that disgusting piece of camel turd known as Achmadinejad but that's a different story.
Unfortunately nobody outside the Iranian legal system is allowed to tell them how to run their country but protests in her defense have sprung up in many places around the World.  One such gathering took place in Paris not long ago.
A short time ago a Fatwa  was issued in Iran stating that it is illegal to own dogs as pets.  One reason given for this absurd ruling was that the animal is dirty.  I wonder if the people who proposed this ruling ever looked at themselves in the mirror.  But many people feel that the real reason for the edict was that Americans own dogs as pets and the ruling religious class is afraid Iranians are starting to emulate Western habits.
If too many people continue their march toward the freedom found under a Western style of government the Islamic leaders fear loss of control.  They may become obsolete.
I have often railed against religion as one of the greatest causes of Worldwide anguish if not out and out war and destruction.  It doesn't take a genius to know this is so, merely a person who reads about history.
And I do not mean to say that Islam is the only religion that has fanatics in power but they are the current one.
Can you say Papal Wars?
But the Catholic Church has mellowed to some degree and does not pose the threat to humanity it did during the Dark Ages.
Genocide has existed throughout our history and there has always been some group hell bent on killing off someone else.  Civilization has endured but in this day and age we must really expect, no demand better of ourselves.
Sharia Law is an offshoot of the dominant religion in Iran.   And when it comes to religion people tend to get a bit worked up.  But when an entire group of people must live under fear of death for having their picture taken perhaps not just the law is a ass but the religion is as well.

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