Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So's Your Old Man

Listening to the inane rhetoric of insane politicians with no positive agenda to put forth is enough to make one sick!
Luckily Congress was able to pass a health reform bill this year that may make getting better less expensive in the future.
As for that health reform bill Republicans love to bash it and call it names just as all of us used to do before we graduated 6th grade.
According to Republicans when it comes to Obama-care (ouch) “Nobody knows what the full impact is going to be.” (Uncle!)
But isn't that true of every legislation?
Did anyone know the full impact of the Bush war against innocent Iraq before his war mongering war criminal Vice President and cronies proposed it in 1999?
That’s right, 1999!
That’s when Cheney started to fantasize about ‘taking out’ Hussein and taking over the oil fields for his company, Halliburton.
If this country waited until we knew the full impact of every legislation we would most likely never do anything.
As for the health reform bill I wonder why the Republicans are so dead set against it as to continue to spew lies about it’s worth.
Could it be that many of the Republican supporters are health care firms looking at a future loss of profit?
Surely they cannot be looking at the possible benefit to the average citizen and voter.
Allowing Americans access to a more affordable health care system should be a goal for all politicians who were elected to serve the people!
Threats to repeal such hard fought legislation is nothing more than childish!

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