Monday, September 20, 2010

Find Yourself on this Chart

The following chart is quick and simple and easy to understand!
That means even tea baggers may be able to find someone to explain it to them.
This chart is from a New York Times editorial page offering that shows in a clear and concise way what the Bush/Cheney tax cut gift to the wealthy cost America!
I don't even have to explain how bad the thing was and is and could continue to be if the puppets in Congress don't allow it to die.
If any of you who read the chart would like to debate any of the facts therein with me please leave your T-Bags at home and take off your silly Statue of Liberty costume and get back to me.
Oh, and while you're at it put your guns away as well. No phony second amendment rights speech will be allowed during our debate.
Ben Stein complained that he worked hard all his life and he feels as though he is being punished by having his taxes targeted for a raise!
Should I get all my unemployed friends who haven't been able to get a job for two years together to hold a telethon for you?
You, sir are a piece of shit!
How dare you complain?
First of all Benjie you are only one person and I feel very sorry for you that you may be forced to live on a few dollars less so that the entire F'n country has a chance to survive.
But believe it or not the Bush Tax Gift to the undeserving like you that is supposed to end this year has nothing to do with you!  I know it's hard for you to understand so go back and read that part again, us human beings will wait.
What a selfish turd!
And to think CBS allowed you to spew your personal shit on what I once thought was a great show!  NO MORE!
I will now switch to the Chris Matthews show instead.
I worked hard all of my life as well and I paid my taxes every year without fail.  That is most likely more than most of your friends in the Republican party can say!
And when push came to shove I was let go by a spoiled child who was given the company he ran by his daddy.  He quietly threw a tantrum at the prospect of not making millions and millions as he thinned the herd.
I guess I was punished for doing nothing but the right thing all those years as well, right Benjie?
The difference between me, the millions of others like me and you is that we didn't have the powerful friends to keep us afloat so that we could get on TV and cry like the spoiled rat you are!
Rainbows aren't needed for selfish bastards like Ben Stein
But for the rest of us,
this is the pot at the end of our rainbow!
(Click on the image for a better view!)
Where does Ben Stein and his money fit on the chart you low-life bastard??


train buddy said...

Sounds like your a bit peaved with Mr. Stein. Next time let everyone know how you really feel (just kidding). It seems the rich always have something to complain about and the poor just keep standing there with their hands out waiting for the middle class to grease their palms. On another note, did you see the article in NY Times "The new unemployables': Workers over 50" (you can also find a reprint on I think you'll find it interesting

Cousin Bruce said...

You are correct - I am as peeved as I would be with any bed bug invading my living space!
The rich have the airwaves and therefore our ear. It is a rarity when you hear a poor or middle class person get a chance to air the opposition view on TV. And even if that person could get on the tube he or she would not be on a second time and be drowned out by the chorus of voices from the top. (Top of the wealth chart that is.)
Unemployables! What a great word for a former and willing hard working American!
Aside from money the business owner has a wealth of workers from which to choose. It is an embarrassment of riches for which they are in no way shape or form embarrassed about!
But don't worry, it will all be over soon. The Republicans will take over government and we will find prosperity by creating another war, perhaps Iran this time. I hear they may have some oil AND WMD.

Cousin Bruce said...

By the way, like the pot at the end of the rainbow? With blockades in Congress and the likes of the new breed of Conservative female idiots out to prove that 15 minutes of fame can last a lifetime our economy is definitely headed for the crapper.

NativeSonKY said...

Thanks for saying so well what needs to be said so badly, Bruce! I am 51 and was a printer most of my life, and printing is just the pits trying to find work anymore. I, just this week, secured a job in a manufacturing plant as an Inspector/Packager, and it took me over 2 years to find that job! I'm one of the lucky ones though, and I see how hard everybody is having it. Even with the new job it won't be easy, but at least I won't have to live on student loans and food stamps, as I have the last 2 years! Well, at least I earned some more credits towards a degree, and survived in the meantime. Yeah, Ben Stein IS a real piece But, I guess it's to be expected coming from the Nixon White House Gang! He has no idea how the rest of us live.

Thanks Again!

Cousin Bruce said...

You are so welcome! I wish I could do more for all the others like you as well as for myself.
In my case luckily my wife still has a job although it is not completely a full time job (hard to explain so I will not bother.)
Whenever anyone complains about the wealthy it gets called class warfare BY the wealthy. And since they have the loudest voices and easiest access to the soapbox that is the cable and network news show we will continue to have a long hard road ahead.
While people like Ed Schultz thankfully give us a voice it is unfortunately not enough. But hope springs eternal and maybe, just maybe the Democrats will see our pain and finally do the right thing!