Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ich Bin There Done That

Imagine someone blaming others for his problems.
Imagine this man is a prominent leader or someone high up in government or at least important to government.
Now imagine this man writing a book and getting many people worked up over his allegations.
Well this man could be a fictitious villager in Mary Shelley's of Frankenstein or a real Senator named McCarthy in the U S Congress.
Unfortunately these days he could also be a she and running for office right here in immigrant fearing America.
But this time it is a German banker who has sparked the controversy by voicing his opinion on all people not like him.
Thilo Sarrazin is a board member of Germany's central bank and his opinions are naturally important to the business community.  Thilo wrote a book blaming all of his country's woes on a familiar foe, none other than those hated Jews!  He claims that all Jews have specific genes that make them unique.
Thilo believes that immigrants are making Germany dumber and it is only a matter of time before they outnumber the, uh original master race?
He is not alone in his delusion that is not bounded by man's made up political borders.  And his statements couldn't come at a more interesting time given the political firestorm centered around a currently vacant building in lower Manhattan.
The difference between the two groups of bogeymen however should not be ignored.  The Jews have long been persecuted and make up a relatively small group compared to the world's Muslim population.  But coming from a German they must surely be noted and cataloged and watched for metastasis.
Some will argue that Thilo has a point about Jews having different genes.  After all there are diseases that appear to attack them and not others.  Those individuals are obviously only using the data they need to prove a point while ignoring all the facts.  Diseases such as Tay Sachs do not discriminate and will gladly attack any host willing to let them in.  Many non-Jews are susceptible to this deadly disease.
But the point that peoples of different regions or race or background have developed differently through the eons of Earth's history merely means that they have grown different immunities and allergies.
In a perfect world people in authority would be working together to find cures for all diseases that affect humans or animals for that matter.
In that perfect world people would realize the true worth of peacefully working together toward common goals.
When I stub my toe it would be as idiotic to blame the leg of the guilty table for being immovable as it would to place the blame on the people being killed in Darfur.
With great power comes great responsibility (Original quote not from Spiderman's Uncle Ben but Socrates.)
People such as Messr. Sarrazin should know better and given Germany's and the World's misconception of the Jewish population vis a vie money a central banker is the last person we need to hear complaining about Judaism.
In a civilized world we should not punish a man for his opinions but we also should not allow him to yell fire in a theater without consequences.
So who do I blame for all this hate and fear of minorities?
Who is at fault?
"The fault... is not in our stars but in ourselves..."
So I guess I cannot blame anyone else.
It's my fault.
It's all of our faults.
But while I am not the first person to say that wouldn't it be great if some time soon no one had to?

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