Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Behind These Guys?

An old saying goes, "Behind every great man is a woman." 
This was of course not always true but it should have conveyed the message that many women were as good as if not better than the man in front.
But even if it is true then who's behind that woman? Or if the guy doesn't have a woman then what?
Unfortunately in our political system there are a few women in high places who do not belong there and they have made themselves into very public laughing stocks, at least to anyone with half a brain.  I naturally refer to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and the hopefully not successful Christine O'Donnell.
I could talk about the ladies on the 'right'for hours, but I would like to switch off to the men for a quick note.
For the last several years, or what seems like a lifetime we have watched a certain orange colored individual spew his party live rhetoric every chance he could get.  He has made more and more nonsensical statements as it gets closer to the November elections and is currently touting a retread of an old tested tried and failed manifesto renamed "The Republican Pledge."
The phrase brings to mind every charitable event I have ever seen since attendees are asked to make a donation or at least a pledge to donate at a nearby future date.  And while charities are for the most part a good thing I do not believe the Republican Party is one nor are they a charitable bunch!
If we allow them to take control of either the House of Representatives or the Senate this year more Americans will be relying on charity than ever before.
The man with two heads
(not always better than one.)
Cantor as always seen
with his Boner in front.
As it is the Republicans have scared the weak minded, cojones free Democrats into believing that the wealthy are so poor that they need tax breaks to survive.  The next thing we will find out is day is night and up is down!
But as the middle class heads toward its demise at the hands of the wealthy I think we should take a fast look at two of the men leading the retreat.
On a traffic signal there are three colors present. The green that means go and the red for stop along with an intermediate yellow for caution.  So in a way orange is a mixture of caution and stop!
What is driving their desire to take away health care for the poor and middle class?
Why do they continue to demand we stop spending but also demand that we not tax the wealthiest 2% a touch more?
Why do they insist that billionaires be allowed to pay taxes at a lower rate than a person earning minimum wage?
Why does the right-wing propaganda machine that is Fox donate millions of dollars and air time to only the Republican Party?
And why when the American public found out about all the lies and corruption among their party members do they still embrace each and every one of those would-be inmates?
And as if you needed any more reasons not to cast your fate to these windbags just look at the near past under Bush and Cheney.  Please learn from history!
Be cautious America before placing this couple in charge.  Stop and think how bad this will be!
Behind every Republican is a wealthy puppeteer.

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