Friday, September 3, 2010

How Dumb Can We Get?

For a while I felt as though the more I read the less I knew.
That was because when I delved into a subject and listened to all sides and then analyzed what I heard I made an informed decision.  But for a couple of years, and actually longer, it seemed as though every decision I made was wrong.
For example I learned everything I could about the proposed health care reform bill President Obama wanted to get into law and realized it was fairly good for the people of America.  When I say people I mean the average citizen; the person on the street; the voter regardless of political affiliation.
But then we went through a summer of "death panels" and "killing old people" talk coming from elected officials who should know better.
So I did what any intelligent creature should do in a situation like that, I went back to the facts.
Again it appeared as though the thing was good!  But Democrats saw the lies becoming a rallying cry among the Republicans and they gave in on far too many points to get the bill moving.
The above scenario happened again and again over the period of time that President Obama has been in office so I figured I better change my point of view.
Oh I am not going to be against health care reform or small business stimuli programs that for some reason Republicans, who once again should know better, are blocking.  But rather I am going to widen my search of the facts to find out why America is about to punish the Democratic Party for trying to help the average citizen.  Why do these people want to put the same people who started the economic collapse in the first place back into power!
It didn't take long to find out what was going on but it took a bit longer to understand why the simple facts were not stemming the tide.
The reason is simply Americans are not only dumbing down they are reveling in their abject ignorance.  The majority of Americans for lack of a better term are just plain stupid and seem to be proud of it!  Even Roger Ebert noticed this and took time from his movie schedule to post it on his blog!
I believe it started during the 2000 Presidential election when an 'almost majority' of people voted for a man with whom they wanted to have a beer.
Not exactly the criteria one would expect from a learned electorate.
You may also view the intelligence of the average American voter on the Pew Research page where the numbers are staggering.
But we would have survived the storm of stupid and stemmed the tide if not for the terrible events of 9-11.
The rallying cry throughout the land was one of solidarity with a tinge of revenge that allowed the evil and purposely misguided policies of Bush and his then lord and master Dick Cheney to move us into a war against the wrong country.
Well it was the wrong country for most of us but not for the millionaires who doubled, tripled, quadrupled and more their wealth as a result.
The sign signifying "Mission Accomplished" flying high behind President Bush on that commandeered aircraft carrier that we all felt was wrong was not!  We just didn't realize what the mission was at the time.
But finally 2008 came and a wave of "change" oriented feelings spread throughout the country.  The Republicans who had failed tremendously in holding onto record surpluses instead turning them into unprecedented deficits were kicked out of power.
But rather than 'change' their ways in light of their losses they instead immediately plotted their revenge and return to power.
That brings us to the day after the Barack Obama inauguration and just about every day since.
With the lone exception being the day that Obama agreed to allow more drilling for oil in the gulf and elsewhere the Republican Party and their benefactors have been doing anything they can to bring down his presidency.
Lobbyists in big business, big oil, Murdoch's Fox and his partner Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who has been linked to terror organizations BY FOX NEWS have donated millions and millions of dollars to the Republican cause.
With all that affluence and influence behind them I'm surprised the Republicans haven't just taken over the government in a "Seven Days In May" type coup.
But now to the people of America.  The ones who have been searching for a beer drinking partner ever since Bush left office.
Along comes Sarah Palin, a charismatic woman who appears to be too dumb to even open a beer can.  And she along with her cohorts, a list way too long to reprint here, have taken the battle to the people.
Using catch phrases and one-liners and speaking in sound bites she has captured the small minded who don't have a clue about what's wrong with the country.
All these simple former hard working people know is the country is in trouble and the Democrats must be at fault, because simple Sarah says so!
I hate to stoop to the level of our evil opponents but if we are to get this country moving forward again we must stop the bleeding.  We must speak in a language the masses will understand.
President Obama is far too intelligent and passionate about his BIRTH COUNTRY of America to just give up.  So unfortunately he must dummy up!  Or rather DUMB UP so he can be understood.
For his next speech I propose he start off,
"Yo America, wassup?  I been you president fo 2 yeah now and I say it be time to start workin agin y'all.  So I'm gonna open my place up fo beer to each and all of yas. My woman & I wantcha to come ovah foh a beer or three.  Let's put some serious hurtin on this here unemployment thingy."
I apologize if the above offends anyone.  I know it's a bit awful and he has never spoken like that nor could he but sadly it would work.
Then again he'd probably get a cease and desist letter from the Republicans for stealing their stupidity.

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