Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trickle Down Taxes

In order to balance the State budget Albany has come up with a plan to spread the pain and tax burden around. On the surface that is commendable. But the fact is that no matter how you slice it the individual consumer will be receiving the brunt of every tax increase.

Businesses must make a profit or frankly why stay in business? So any increase in cost must be passed along at least in part to the consumer. For example the increased tax on utilities will immediately be reflected in our monthly bills. New taxes for HMOs and re instituting hospital assessments will not be absorbed either. In fact if you analyze each new or increased tax line by line you will be hard pressed to find one that will not be passed along to you and me.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution so why not call a spade a spade? Leave out the middle man and just raise the taxes of every person living on Long Island. And don’t worry about a mass exodus. With home prices in the dumps and the MTA raising their fares we can’t afford to leave the island anyway.

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