Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bargain Basement Justice

Bernard Madoff is about to plead guilty to committing the largest fraud in history and costing thousands of people a total of $50 Billion.

It's a start.

It is believed that he will receive a life sentence of up to 150 years for his crime and he will be moved from his $7 million penthouse suite to a slightly smaller abode as a guest of the Federal Justice system.

And those who watched their fortunes fall can only hope that Bernie's soap falls many times in the prison shower room. But no amount of a-hole buddies or new significant others will suffice as punishment for this evil doer.

As a new tenant of the place affectionately known as "The Big House" Mr. Madoff will be given a brand new wardrobe consisting of less than famous designer clothing. He will go from his conservative French and Italian look to a more practical striped wardrobe. And his next job will most likely include a different type of laundering than he is used to.

But the fact is that every day he spends in the penal system costs the American taxpayer more money. And no matter how small that amount may be it is still too much to waste on him.

Therefore I believe we should dress Mr. M for success in jail. Not his success but ours.

Keep the stripes and instead give Bernie a white sheet and a pillow case.

n introduce him into the general population of the penal system.

Justice served at a bargain price!

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