Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can We Count on the Census?

I just got back from the 'Hempstead Works' office. This wonderful place is a center for unemployment and employment. The people who work there have the mission of finding people jobs while ensuring their insurance (unemployment that is) continues.

They set up meetings between employers and hopeful employees as well as promote job fairs and work with companies during their 'downsizing' procedures.

One of the all-day events they promoted was as on-site meeting with the U S Census Bureau. The Bureau needed many workers and set up March 10th as the date for all to come and apply for any openings.

Unfortunately the Bureau must have counted poorly because all of the available jobs seem to have been filled.
When were they filled you might ask.
They were filled over a month ago!

I guess they need a few more workers for the recount.

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