Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweepstakes Announcement

Colons R Us

Now that I have your attention the link above will take you to the CBS cares web site where you may enter a contest to win, wait for it, an all expense paid trip to NYC for a free, I SAID FREE - COLONOSCOPY!!! YAYYYY!

Okay so it's not a trip to Disney but think of it this way you can enter someone you really don't like and hope they win!

Now I love "60 Minutes" and my wife and I have watched it for years when convenient so I believe I can say without fear of successful contradiction that this is the first time they have ever offered a free colonoscopy on the show. I mean when they announced the contest frankly I was only half listening. I was actually waiting for the commercial to end and the next show to begin. And for completeness sake let me say that the actual procedure will not take place on the show, thank goodness.
Of course many critics might feel that the commentators on the show have, from time to time had their heads up their own butts. These critics would probably like to see Andy Rooney win the thing but it will be a lucky viewer nevertheless.

It is actually a wonderful thing and CBS should be commended for bringing awareness to a potentially life threatening disease and offering to pay for the screening of one lucky sweepstakes winner. I imagine they also throw in the necessary supplies one needs to prepare for the procedure and a quiet room in which to, uh get ready as it were.

Unfortunately the sweepstakes would not be so wonderful for me as I live so close to NYC. The flight would therefore not be necessary unless of course I took a US Air flight 1549 from La Guardia to the Hudson. Of course if I did take that flight I would not need that much preparation. Perhaps CBS could find a doctor in, say Hawaii who would be willing to perform the procedure? Then I would certainly enter!

BUTT the BOTTOM line (I couldn't resist) is anyone outside of the area should take part in the sweepstakes and if you are not lucky enough (?) to be the winner then schedule a colonoscopy on your own and when convenient. It's one or two days of discomfort that could save your life. And to paraphrase Smokey the Bear, "Only you can prevent Colon Cancer."

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