Saturday, March 21, 2009

PC & The Presidency

After carelessly comparing his skills as a bowler to those of a handicapped participant in the Special Olympics the President was bombarded with much outrage. But this was only the beginning of his problems as he was reportedly seen stepping on several cracks in the pavement as he left "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Moe Rahn of the 'International Directory of Insidious & Ominous Terrestrial Superstitions' was quoted as saying, "This kind of wanton act shows a pattern of behavior and a classic disregard for the well being of others."

The head of IDIOTS went on to say, "The President must realize that he is a role model for millions of children the world over who wish to follow in his footsteps, literally! Think of the danger mothers face when their children seek out and
deliberately step on all those cracks."

The President could not be reached for comment but a White
House spokesperson attempted to defuse the situation by promising to keep a watchful eye for any cracks in the President's path in the future. While not wishing to lend any credence to the century old rhyme concerning cracks and backs the spokesperson did did try to allay the fears of the Moe Rahn's and the IDIOTS everywhere.

The White House continued their statement, "We must be clear that the President wishes no harm to any law abiding citizen or groups of citizens including IDIOTS."

And as for the claim of intent on the President's part "the action was totally unintentional. The President does not wish to hurt those mothers!"

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