Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R&D - or Are We Happy Yet?

These days Research & Development has been replaced by Recession and Depression. The recession is a plural thing but the depression is most definitely on an individual basis and I am one of those individuals.

R&B may also be renamed Recession and Blues rather than its “rhythm” counterpart.

With unemployment at levels not seen for quite some time many people are pounding the streets during the day and pounding their heads at night. You could say that there’s a whole lot of pounding going on and it is likely to keep our National headache around a bit longer.

On the bright side the government is trying a different tactic. They say Replace the Doom with feelings of hope. One could say their face is much like the “What Me Worry” face of Alfred E Newman but with the stock market moving in the right direction (if you’re a ‘bull’) I would be Mad to argue?

Politicians, including the President are telling us that we are all in the same boat. That’s nice. I keep looking around my boat but I don’t see any of them!

So we are all in this together? So how come they still have jobs and pensions and free health care for themselves and their families for life and lobbyists throwing money at them and obscenely paid speaking tours waiting for them when they retire?

If you ask your congressman the hard questions he or she will almost certainly Redirect and Deflect.

So if you wish to keep your colored glasses Rosy rather than Dark do not check out your retirement statements just yet or R&D may become R&W as in Read ‘em and Weep.

As it stands now many 401K statements are signaling another R&D; Retirement is Done.

But remember that when it comes to the health of our economy R&D no matter which one you choose beats DNR any day.

Up next, M&A – Why Mergers and Acquisitions beat Moping and Angry – The generic difference between Main Street and the Pharmaceutical world.

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