Monday, March 2, 2009

What Do You Call...

It is a fact that you can insult someone but do it in a way as to have it sound funny and then if you laugh about it actually get away with the insult!
It's called comedy.
Don Rickles was a master doing it in a larger than life way and always laughing with you afterward.

You can also insult someone while you are making a comment about them as long as you make it sound like constructive criticism or even complement them after the insult.
It's called irony. Southern Belles are masters of this as they end their statement with a smiling, "Bless your heart" finish.

But lately cartoonist have become vicious imitators of themselves with hateful cartoons disguised as political commentary.
This is called low-life stupidity.

I will not give any more play to the current rash of examples in this category except to say the "Chimp" issue should be over and the "Watermelon" one should join it. I would further like to suggest that the two cartoonists and their publishers seek help. They have a rage that can only be assuaged by attempting to bring others down with them.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful right in America but even we have standards. For example you may set up a 'soap box' and preach your beliefs anywhere you like although most public venues require a permit. What you cannot do with your speech is preach hate.
This is called "Inciting to Riot."

The cartoons are doing just that and they are even more inane because they fail to realize that the President is not a man, it is an office! When elected to this highest office in the land he is called Mr. President for a reason. (The jury is still out on the female version for now but...)

This is the same mistake being made by the loyal opposition, aka the Republicans. They are so angry at having lost power that they are going after Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi and in many respects Mr. Obama although with his current high poll ratings they don't have a chance of winning that one.
That's unfortunately called politics as usual.

They have lost sight of their only job, getting this country back on its feet. And if that means working with the President and his party and sublimating their ambitions for a while then sobeit!
That's called governing and it is high time they understood this!
We as a nation have been insulted long enough. We are not living within a cartoon and that's called "no joke!"

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