Monday, March 16, 2009

The New BUT Heads

After butting heads with Rush Limbaugh the Republicans learned their lesson. Their new party line became, "We want the President to succeed, BUT..." "None of us want him to fail, BUT..."

This complete U-turn goes against Limbaugh's much repeated statement to the contrary. At first elected officials of the GOP complained that Rush's words were being taken out of context but they were proven wrong by 'going to the videotape' (with homage to Warner Wolf.) There for all the world to see and hear the self-serving entertainer and spiritual leader of the party speaks the damning words himself. And still any party member who went against him was rebuked and forced to recant and apologize. There is no word on whether kissing his ring was sufficient.

But has their position changed?

Not Really!

Note the single word quietly added after their new statement about Presidential failure. The word is BUT.

When do we use that word?

We generally use it to contradict our own statement as in "I love that outfit you're wearing, BUT is it really right for you?"

The end result is as obvious as if we had said, "Why would you wear that???"

So has the Republican position changed? Not really - No BUTs about it.

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