Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hidden Gems

I came across the following stories while reading International news today. Some of these stories can and should boggle the minds of normal humans but for some reason they are reported almost on a daily basis.

Unfortunately the items find themselves tucked away in some middle page with a slightly smaller font and no printed fanfare so most people may not even notice them. These were from Newsday and for brevity sake I will paraphrase them. If interested you may find them on-line or inyour printed paper.

In Saudi Arabia a woman was dragged down the stairs and out of a building she was hiding in by the Saudi police. Her terrible crime - She was in a car with a man she is not related to! You remember the Saudis, don't you? They are the ones we used to see skipping through the White House rose garden with their best friend 'W.' They are also the proud winners of the "Who had the most terrorists involved on 911" award.

To promote next year's Soccer World Cup host country South Africa is holding a peace conference. But rather than offend their trading partner, China they banned the incredibly dangerous Dalai Lama! As a result Nobelist Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Pres. de Klerk are boycotting the peace conference. It is sure to be peaceful as long as you make sure only one side of a possible argument shows up. Anyone think South Africa has arrived yet?

But on the other side of the South Africa coin is Pope Benedict XVI who was understandably upset during his pilgrimage there at all the homeless and poor people of Angola. But hypocrasy watch notes that the land from which the poor were evicted and are therefore homeless is owned by the Catholic Church! Hmmmm. Perhaps a better advanced secretary is needed for the Pontiff?

One other note that is missed by most people because we in America don't like it to be known is the fact that Tata Motors of India has introduced their new car, the Nano. Priced at $2,200 - Not a typo - $2,200 the little car gets just under 50 mpg and boasts a 65 mph top speed. (You don't want to go faster anyway, right? And especially not in a car this small.)

Luckily this car will not be available in America as it is not allowed here. Just as they killed the electric car big business can not afford to have the public use vehicles that don't line the pockets of the 'right' people.

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