Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When one is lucky enough to have an infected appendix removed before it kills you what happens to the offending former part?

Well if that infected diseased pulsating mass of putrid matter is known as DICK Cheney it seems to remain!

This country just cannot seem to rid itself of the disgusting former and illegally appointed Vice President even though he has outlived his usefulness and tenure.

In his latest interviews he is taking credit for winning the Iraq war and turning that country Democratic. He is explaining away the economic disaster as entirely the fault of the Democrats. He and W were innocent bystanders while all the bad stuff happened! Will someone please call the HAZMAT people and get him out of here?

But since he refuses to slink away like so much garbage why don't we use him as we would that aforementioned appendix? Let's dissect him and see if we can figure out how to stop the disease from returning to infect future generations.

No need to scratch your head, Dick.
This is a no-brainer!
Posterity will thank us.

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