Saturday, March 28, 2009

E I - E I - Uh Oh!

Ever notice that all a company or entrepreneur has to do these days is add the letter “E” or “I” to the beginning of his product to make it a success?

The start of the phenomenon was most likely the incredible success of Apple’s I Pod and the subsequent I Phone but since then the bandwagon has admitted many passengers.

In America this is usually a good thing and any enterprise that produces sales and sales tax helps the economy. That is unless the new I or E product is just wrong.

Such is the case with the newest fad to help us kill ourselves in a legal way, the E-Cigarette.

This latest technological leap offers a way to continue smoking without the use of annoying tobacco. And it appears to be a loophole against the various public place non-smoking laws around the country. Rather than breathing in the harmful by-product of a burning tobacco leaf we are now given a battery operated stick from which we can suck in nicotine from a refillable canister. And we all know that nicotine will not harm us, right?

For those people who tried to quit smoking by use of the “patch” a nicotine laced gel in a film that you stick on your arm there are strict warnings about overuse. These warnings include nicotine poisoning from using just 2 patches at the same time. You must also dispose of the used patches by folding them on themselves and sealing them in wrappers so as to keep them from being eaten by and thus killing children or pets.

Until the authorities have tested this product and placed appropriate safety regulations upon them I would like to at the very least see their packaging contain warnings such as: “E-Cigarettes are addictive” or even “E-Cigarettes will cause E-Cancer.”

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