Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Early Bird State Strikes Again

From those wonderful people who gave you Bush and all the commensurate baggage comes the latest in the ongoing "Screw You America" campaign.

Today Ruth Madoff announced that her NINE AND A HALF MILLI
ON DOLLAR HOME in Florida is now to be considered her primary residence. For those of you unaware of the statewide law sub-titled "Screw everyone else and hide your taxes in plain view" Florida considers your home to be a sacred place and is exempt from any attempts to seize it.

In other words Ruth Madoff, who is naturally innocent 'wink wink say no more' until proven guilty will be able to keep the ridiculously extravagant home she was able to buy with her savings as a clerk!

Ruth would be laughing all the way to the bank except because of her, her husband and her family the bank is bankrupt.

If anyone believes as I do that this law should be overturned start writing to your congressman and representative. For those of you who feel this is a just law can I have a piece of whatever illegal activity you are into?

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