Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Whole Truth & Nothing But...

All kidding aside the tax roles in this country border on the criminal!

Did you know that everyone of you out there pays more taxes to the IRS than Exxon?
You pay more income taxes to the United States Government than does the entire Scum Sucking Company of Exxon Oil!!!
Check this out.
If we could hurt the company by boycotting Exxon it would be nice but they are way too smart for us.

Even the oft vilified company - Wal*Mart paid taxes to this country but not the scum bastards of Exxon - They are above the law!  Just like the Bush Cheeenie friends from Saudi Arabia - the country that funded 911!

The bottom line is the wealthiest of this country pay less taxes than they should and spend more money keeping it that way than anyone would believe!

Jon Stewart may be a comedian by trade but when he brings a subject like tax evasion to the people like he did here he hits it out of the park!

Can this be fixed?
Will our Congress ever do something about the inequities in the tax code?
Will the Mets and Cubs ever win back to back World Series?

The answer to the first question only is yes!

Can it be fixed - of course!
Will it be fixed - Not in our lifetime!
I won't even get into the baseball thing as long as a team from the Bronx continues to buy every payer available.

In order to get ahead or just keep your head above water in America you must band together with a few friends and buy a Congressman.  Then and only then will you have a chance to break even.  Anyone interested in trying let me know - We in New York have Senator Shumer who is ours for the right price.  Those of you in Connecticut can forget about buying Lieberman - He's gets way too much from the Insurance industry.

So what is the solution?
Parle vous Francais?
你會說中文? (Do you speak Chinese?)

The battle lines have been drawn but they were not drawn by us!  The wealthiest of America and their puppets are controlling the conversation.  When they want to deflect our anger they bring up "Death Panels" or "Birth Certificates."  The idiots who unfortunately make up a sizable percentage of the country believe everything they hear rather than reading about it because they have yet to learn how to read.  They place scum sucking bitches like Palin and Bachmann on stage to make the media report on their movements rather than on the real stories.

Again the bottom line is that people like Glenn Beck should not be allowed to breath the free air of this great country.  Since he and his ilk do not like the way things are here they should leave.  And if they don't wish to leave we should kick them the F'n hell out!  And if they do not leave then they must be put in jail!

The time has come to really take back the country.  Take it back from the lobbyists and the special interest groups and the bastards at Fox.

When will the people of America wake up?

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