Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bachmann Palin Overdrive

Picture a preacher preying on his weak minded flock in a fictitious Hollywood melodrama.  How about the leader of a mob hell bent on destroying the monster in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.  Can you feel the emotion; the unbridled anger swelling up?  You just know something bad is about to happen.  All the pent up rage must find an outlet or explode.

When speakers get crowds riled up whether in person or over the air they can often slip nonsensical subliminal statements into their rants.  They reap the rewards in a vicious cycle of rowdy unfounded affirmations that feed their increased hate speech.  Before long people who may have once been calm and rational are printing signs that literally scream, “Keep your government hands off my Medicare” and threatening retaliation for other nonexistent wrongs.

A clear analysis of what is being said at the podium would show any sane individual the rabble being roused by the rhetorical two-step to be sadly uninformed.  But that matters not as the desired result has been achieved and the speaker is satisfied.

This is the case in many of the ‘Tea Party’ rallies being hosted by those bastions of the bogus; those sirens of senselessness; the new poster children for “The brain is a terrible thing to waste” campaign; none other than Michelle ‘facts don’t bother me’ Bachmann and Sarah ‘I can see Russia from here’ Palin!

Many men appear to find these two maverick idiots irresistible.  These lonely guys fantasize about women with blank stares and vacuums between their ears that they can dominate and fool around with.  Unfortunately they are the fools.  The rest of us who are seeking true world class leaders find this pair to be sadly lacking.

Hand picked attendees for many of their gatherings jump up and cheer at the very sound of key words.  They lead weak minded viewers to believe that the arguments have valid points when in fact they make no sense and are built on well thought out lies!

Ms. Bachmann was the biggest proponent of the Death Panel lie while the failed Governor of Alaska, Ms. Palin is herself a walking, breathing lie.  Most of her sound bites are snide inane swipes at the President.  Instead of constructive criticism she shouts divisive drivel.

When Abbot and Costello amused us with silly see-through skits we laughed.  But when these two open their mouths we cringe.  Make no mistake, they are dangerous.

Here is an argument they would probably use and get away with in front of a crowd of their supporter zombies:

(Palin leans into the microphone; smiles and shouts) “You know how to add two fives up to get ten?  You take a five and add a five and you get ten, right?
Well Obama and his cohorts, Pelosi and Reid (wait for the booing to build and subside while shaking your head – Now nod and repeat the names) Pelosi and Reid (smile and wink) would probably tell ya to take the first five and subtract the other five from it!
Ya know why?
Because that’s what they’re gonna do; they’re gonna take away your five.  They want to take away anything you make and spread it around to their friends.  Ya know, those liberals.
And then they’re gonna tax you on the five they didn’t take.
What do you think about that, huh?  (Frown and wait for the crowd to stop booing again.)
But ya know what you get when you do that?  Huh?  You get nothing!  You betcha!  Even less than nothing!
Five minus five is nothing!
And then you pay tax on it!
(Quickly continue, trust me.)
But we’re here to tell ya that if you follow us and reject that liberal crowd you can save America.  You can take back the country.
We’re gonna take that first five and subtract it from the second one BUT then take yourself – YOU – you are the key – You are the one.  We’re gonna put you yourself first!  Because that’s what we do!  We’re gonna put you first!
And ya know what happens then?  With you in front – you the ONE in front of the zero you got a ten!
I mean a one in front of a zero is a ten!
You think Obama’s gonna give you a ten?
(Shake your head and agree with the crowd.)
How about Pelosi?  Gonna get a ten there?
And Reid?
Heck no!
Well that’s what we want to do, place you first!  We are going to take the ‘five minus five’ mentality of the Obama – Pelosi – Reid troika and turn it into a ten for all of you!  All our friends right here!
We’re gonna take back this country and we’re gonna do it now!
No more taxes – no more taxes – no more taxes.”  (Smile and wave and wink.  Link arms with Bachmann and continue waving.)

Can you just feel the frenzy this speech will elicit from the crowd of utter morons who have yet to figure out how to dress themselves in the morning?

The biggest problem in this country however is not the self-serving lying crew of which I speak but their followers; the radical gun-toting; survivalist; anti-government conspiracy theorists who would rather shoot first without ever asking any questions than try to learn the truth about anything.

This is the type of crowd that spawned the murdering scum Scott Roeder who was driven to commit the ultimate sin in cold blood and in a Church against Dr. George Tiller.  In Roeder’s case the behind the scenes goading morons were the commentators at Fox News and most notably that total jack ass and loufa lover Bill O’Reilly.

These behind the scenes puppet masters are as guilty of the crimes they incite just as surely as the terrorist leaders who send out their suicide bombers while cowardly staying behind; hiding in the safety of the shadows!

But what crimes are waiting in the wings when the words of hate being spewed by these two wastes of life finally hit their marks?
Who will next succumb to the fire stoking rhetoric of the radical right?
Where will this end?

Only time will tell.
And now let us pray.

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