Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Carole Kings Fault!

As Shakespeare once wrote, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves..." (Cassius to Brutus - Julius Caesar I ii 140-141)
But can or should we blame ourselves for everything that happens to us?
Surely some things must be blamed on happenstance, what some people call fate.  Still others consider anything out of our control to be God's will.  (Apologies to my fellow agnostics out there.)
However the bottom line is we as human beings must find someone or something to blame stuff on!  Clearly the Bossa Nova and Canada have been blamed enough.
And so we have reached a new plateau in our search for the absurd.
A new high of low.
The piéce de résistance of pure ridiculous stupidity.
From that wonderful country that brought you the Ayatollahs comes definitive word on the cause of Earthquakes.
Cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, whose name itself could produce tremors in your brain, claims that scantily clad women lead the good men of Iran and elsewhere astray.  And I guess this would be the cause of a "Sodom and Gomorrah' like devastation; a retribution in the form of an Earthquake of Biblical proportions.
The leadership of Iran has even taken to drawing up plans for evacuating the entire city and saving as many historical artifacts as possible.
Hey, you never know - Shiite happens!
On the brighter side of their predictions of disaster is the belief that an earthquake would protect them from an attack by the United States.  After all, says an e-mail making the rounds in the country, "Who would want to attack a country hit by a natural disaster?"
Women are a natural disaster???
I wonder if the clerics were slightly misguided in their feelings about women.
Perhaps when the good religious men of Iran think of women in modern Western dress, 'they feel the earth move under their feet; they feel the sky tumbling down; they feel their heart start to trembling, whenever they're around...'
Et Tu Ms. King?


George Samek said...

In all nations where the men defile and dishonor their women it is a scientific fact 98% of these males squat to pee.

George Samek
CWO US Army Retired
Laptops for Wounded Warriors

Check us out and pass us on to all who support our military.

Reschzoo said...

Well then George - Who am I to disagree with scientists! And may I add it is odd that these men who squat don't seem to know squat!

Another fact is that women comprise approximately 51% of the World's population.

Generally not a good idea for the minority to piss off the majority, whether standing upright or squatting!

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

George Samek Here
Now we know the cooking in a Islamic nation as
ground glass is very hard to detect when seasoned into the stewed goat meat. Also when the men say they..Love..Their Goat they
realy mean they ..Love their..Goat.
The best selling Porn flick in Iran is...."A boy and his goat"