Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Quiz

Okay boys and girls we are having a snap quiz.

Q - When is a law not a law?
A - When it is passed by the Democrats.

Q - When should you question the credentials of your President?
A - When he is a Democrat.

Q - When should the wealthiest people in America get a tax break?
A - If you are a Republican, all the time!

Are you sensing a theme here?

Like it or not the law of the land on abortion was decided many years ago by the famous Roe Vs. Wade decision.  But the losing side in this case figures that if they ignore the decision, much like a child placing his hands over his ears while making childish sounds he doesn't have to follow the law.

Such is the case in many states where a rogue bunch of Governors and Senators feel they are above the law.

When there is something we do not like in this country we are supposed to work within the system to get it changed.  That is what freedom and Democracy is all about.  But some Mavericks feel that the system doesn't work fast enough for their liking.  So if a law is passed that they don't like just ignore it and maybe it will go away.

In Arizona the law of the land is not only being ignored women who choose to follow the law can be thrown in jail!  Whether or not you agree with the Roe V Wade decision you must agree with the U S Constitution.  Of course many people do not agree with our Constitution and they are called terrorists!

Without laws we cannot be a civilized society and without lawmakers who follow the law we are in serious trouble.

Hasn't this farce gone on long enough?  Why does the fact that President Obama was born within the 50 states of this country not just become a known fact?  When will the utterly ignorant among us stop being listened to?

Nobody ever questioned President Bush's credentials even though he was so stupid he probably couldn't have placed third in that "smarter than a fifth grader" TV show.  And of course he was not even elected but rather chosen by the hand picked Supreme Court morons and the stupid, ugly, evil bitch who happened to be brother Jeb's attorney general in Florida.

We barely suffered through his 'nuke-you-lar' presidency that turned a record surplus into a record economic deficit.  The world viewed this a-hole and his evil Vice President as the worst duo ever to lead this country and yet we are still standing.

Why is that?

Because of our system of laws and the simple fact that a Democrat was elected in 2008!  And OMG the guy is a "N Word!"  Holy Shit!  How can we do that?

Wake up America!  Stop listening to hate TV.  Turn Fox off!  These morons are dangerous!  Do not allow them to control the message!

Will we ever get this country back to it's once greatly admired status on the world stage?  It is doubtful unless the men and women of Congress can stop taking the bribes they have come to love from the lobbies that are trying to take control of the country and start to govern once again..

Special interest groups have not only become too powerful they have taken the reins of America away from our elected officials.  And they have done it with a simple formula; a payola like scheme that only allows their message to be repeated and repeated and repeated over and over and over again on all the Conservative outlets such as Faux News!

That's the end of the quiz.  How did you do?  The answer depends upon your ideology.  If you are human you will pass.  If not you will sadly follow the likes of Boner and Bachmann and Palin and Beck and on and on and on...  And may your God have mercy and pity on your souls.

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