Sunday, April 25, 2010

245 and Counting

When I went to sleep last night, or rather early this morning it was April 25th but somehow I emulated Mr. R Van Winkle because I awoke 8 months later!  At least that's what the newspaper told me.

You see as I neatly opened the plastic bag that kept my delivered N Y Times from succumbing to the moisture on my rain-soaked driveway an advertisement slipped out.  The brightly colored ad sported a kick-line comprised of the famous bevy of beauties known as the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.™ 

Naturally I looked the page over and after lowering my gaze from the ten smiling young ladies realized it was announcing that tickets were now on sale for the "Christmas Spectacular."


That's right boys and girls; you only have 245 days left to get ready for Santa!  (For those of us who celebrate the visit of Hannukah Harry we have even less time to plan as that number is a mere 221! - Yup, the holiday is early again this year.)

So what's the big deal?

I realize businesses have been hurt by the economic downturn and they must try to drum up sales somehow.  But I also know and feel the stress it caused on Main Street.  So do we really need to add to that stress by starting the Winter Holiday countdown in APRIL???

I have nothing against the Rockettes ('break a leg' ladies) but would anyone mind if I tried to enjoy the summer before thinking about buying a new snow shovel?

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