Friday, April 9, 2010

All Politics is Loco

There is really no way around it, politicians must be certifiably insane.
How else can you explain some of the things they say and do?
Unless you admit that they are merely pandering to the lobbyists who bribe them.
Like the age old question asked of a husband, "When did you stop beating your wife?"  Politicians may admit they are either accepting bribes or they are utter morons and their anti-human stances are actually what they believe!
Without delving too deeply we can see which is fact since many of them change their votes depending upon the number of lobbyists in town at any given time. 

And as for the truth, well that died a long time ago.
Consider the sad waste of a brain known as Liz Cheney.  This spawn of the evil troll has often shown the 'acorn - tree' mentality of her war criminal father in the past but for some reason she is now ramping up the rhetoric.
At the 3-day Southern Leadership rally for the Republican Party held in New Orleans of all places she spoke of the recently passed health reform bill.

According to Liz President Obama lied when he presented the numbers in order to get Congress to vote for the bill.  She vowed that her party would, if placed back in power repeal the darn thing.
A president lying to get Congress on his side?  That is surely reprehensible.  The perpetrator should be branded a traitor and thrown in jail!  What's that you say?  WMDs?  Gitmo?
Be careful what you say or wish for, idiot!

If there was true justice in this world Liz would be visiting dad and many of his friends and co-conspirators in jail.
And then there is the wonderful new Governor of the Confederate State of Virgina.  This week he apologized for leaving out any mention of slavery in his proclamation that April is Confederate History Month.  REALLY?
The truthometer went into cardiac arrest on this one.
Here is the time line on the tradition of Virginia's slap happy hatred of African American freedom.

The proclamation to honor and celebrate the confederate history of Virginia was written and placed into effect by the wonderful man who brought you Makaka, non other than Governor George Allen in 1977.  He absent-mindedly (wink-wink) left out any reference to slavery.
The next Governor, Gilmore also a Republican, proved he was not a slave to the past by correcting this omission.  But he did keep the celebration going.

He also changed the name from the offensive Confederate Celebration Month to the far more catchy, "Virginia's Month of Remembrance of the Sacrifices and Honor of All Virginians Who Served in the Civil War."  (I guess the acronym would be VMROTSHAVWSCW.  Kind of rolls off the tongue, no?)
The two next Governors, both Democrats with one of them being an African American did not carry on the celebration.
So when the current Governor re-instituted that homage to an embarrassing time in our past all he had to do was start it up again.  BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT HE DID!
The current hypocrite in charge pro-actively removed the reference to slavery that was added in 1978 from the proclamation before announcing its revival!Wow, that means when he said it was an oversight he was LYING!
Now the spin begins as many supporters claim they are commemorating not the Civil War or slavery but rather Virginia's fight for sovereignty against the Federal take-over of state's rights!  Say what?
It's another case of, 'if you can't dazzle them with your footwork baffle them with your bullshit.'  In plain English they are saying Virginia was not against slavery but rather the U.S. Government for trying to abolish it!  Seriously???
One such supporter used CNN to complain that "slavery doesn't have to be mentioned every time you talk about the Civil War just like you don't have to bring up the Holocaust when speaking of WWII."
Having said that he was immediately raised to celebrity status by both the KKK and the Holocaust Denier's Society headed by Ahmadinejad of Iran and Mel Gibson's dad, Hutton.
The bottom line is you cannot take anything a politician says without knowing what their agenda is and who is paying them to put it forward.
Remember the old line, "How do you know when a lawyer is lying?  That's easy, his mouth is open?"  Well remember, most if not all politicians are lawyers.

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