Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

I read the news today, oh boy.
Right there it was on that page number six.
Old Mr. Lohan’s back in love.
This time he says it’s real.
Why the hell should anyone in this world really ever care what this jerk says or does or tries or…………. 

(My sincerest apologies to John & Paul.) 

Lindsay Lohan is disgusted with her father!
And on occasion her father has been disgusted with her!
Hey Lindsay I have a scoop for you – WE’RE DISGUSTED WITH BOTH OF YOU! 

Why do some people have such a fascination with the doings of the “low-lifes” of the world?  I realize that beauty is subjective but I do not find her to be anything special in that area.  And her talent in her chosen field, whatever that is, is less than average. 

But the waste of time that is Lindsay is not alone in her delusions of self grandeur. 

We as a society seem to place the wrong people on pedestals for mass worship.  The fact is no one is more special than anyone else.  The trouble begins when we forget that simple fact. 

Many years ago I sold drapery linings.  Whenever a celebrity was being praised beyond their worth by the media I would quip, “Yeah but can he sell linings?”  Of course the odds were that using their celebrity status they could sell ice cubes to Eskimos but you get my drift. 

Even though many people do many things well very few can be the best at everything they do. 

So why do we give celebrities free passes?  I know that everyone deserves a second chance, I’m still waiting for mine but many so called “stars” are on their fourths and beyond.

Is it the fact that when someone says they are sorry we want to believe them? 

That if we commit a crime or do something against society we would expect the same in return should?
Trust me the odds are most of us will not be granted that leniency unless we can play a major sport really really well. 

I used to play a great deal of recreational golf before time constraints and various areas of arthritis decided that I should slow down.  I was never great but I had my moments. 

One thing I can say without fear of successful contradiction is that I never felt entitled to play on someone else’s course, if you get my drift!  And I certainly never placed my putter where it was not supposed to go.  And yet this week the eyes of the media are on Augusta Georgia where an admitted sex fiend and philanderer is once again playing a round.   (Actually he is playing golf.  He will playing around later.)

Admit it, most of you reading this or other stories about El Tigre will be rooting for him to succeed. 

Why?  Would you also root for Goliath against David?  (Yankee fans need not answer this question.) 

So who is the fool?
Certainly not the revered one!  He is just taking advantage of our insecurities; our desire to be someone other than ourselves. 

Now back to the slut du jour.  Lindsay Lohan recently sued E-Trade because they used the name Lindsay in a commercial.  What’s next on her agenda, suing a former Mayor of New York City? 

The message this spoiled brat is sending to prospective parents out there is to think twice before naming your offspring lest you have to pay royalties. 

And just because someone has money they should not be afforded the right to get away with murder.  Care to weigh in on this one OJ? 

Several miners in West Virginia lost their lives this week due to an explosion that was inevitable.  The mine in which they toiled was unsafe.  Fines and warnings about the lack of safety therein were ignored as cost analysis told the owner of the company it would be cheaper to bury the workers than to stop the operation and fix things. 

The disaster was nowhere near the worst in mining history but don’t tell that to the families left behind. 

That was also in the news today!

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